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Social Media Policy

This social media policy is intended for employees of Axis International Ltd., for contract employees (part-time job included) and for outsourcing persons as well (hereinafter referred to as Axis International stakeholders). For the purpose of this policy, social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile applications used for social interaction such as blogs, facebook, etc. (hereinafter referred to as Social Media Services). This policy will define the good manners and expected behaviours of Axis International stakeholders while using Social Media Services.

Guidelines for posting

Axis International does not regulate the use that its stakeholders make of social media services as an individual. Rather, as an individual involved in development and diffusion of blogs and social media in relation to Axis International, it is strongly recommanded that you refer to certain rules.
You are then expected to follow the guidelines given hereafter for every contribution you make in social media services.

You will not disclose private or confidential information.

Personal information as defined separately in the "Axis International Corp., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Regulations" (such as user information or supplier information) and in "Information Management Regulations" along with important information, secret information, classified information, sensitive information (such as development information or unpublished PR information) should not be published in any case.

You will refrain from posting remarks that would prejudice the company.

You should refrain from posting comments if there is a risk that it would disadvantage Axis International or its products. However you are not expected to post only advantageous comments about Axis International or its products. In the case when bugs are found or erroneous information has been published before, recognize the fact with honesty and make a sincere comeback. In the same spirit, please try to always post comments with proper information.

If you are to make an expert comment outside of support service, you will make clear that you are posting it as an individual.

Outside of support service or paid services, if you want to post about technical topics, please be sure to clearly indicate that you post as an individual and not on behalf of Axis International.

You will make use of the official description of the company and its products name as often as possible if you have to speak about them.

If you have to speak about the Axis International or its products, please make use as much as possible of the official description. You are free to use conventionally or widely used expressions that are already known by the public but you should refrain from using incorrect or unbefitting expressions to the brand.

You will not use Social media to post or display comments that are illegal, harassing, defaming, etc.

While using social media services, you will not make use of defamation, insults or other illegal form of expression.

Guidelines for private account

Whether you should mention or not Axis International on your personal social media account's profile and description is left to your judgement. However, if you have specified on your profile or description that it is Axis International official account, then you are expected to follow these guidelines.

Please disclose your relationship with Axis International in an appropriate way.

If you decide to specify that you belong to Axis International in your personal social media account be it in profile or description, please make sure to clarify your job title, service, occupation as long as it does not cause any hindrances to the business. However you are not required to make clear that you belong to Axis International in all your social media accounts. Being necessary or not is left to your judgment.

You will make clear when you are not speaking officially on behalf of Axis International.

When you are posting comments in social media as an individual, please make sure to clarify in your account that you are posting as an individual. Furthermore, in order to avoid any confusion or recognition problem, commenting in separate posts as official formal posts from Axis International would constitute a good practice.

You will keep in mind to use common sense in your post contributions.

Activities in social media is each person's freedom. However, as soon as you mention that you're an Axis International stakeholder, please bear in mind that you behold a great influence on the reliability of Axis International and its brand image. So please keep your tweets and posts responsible.

Established in 2013, June the 1st.
Axis International Corp.
This content might be subject to change without prior notice
depending on both internal and external situation.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding our social media policy.

Axis International
TEL:03-6274-6231 E-Mail:info@axis-ing.com
(Reception 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 *except Sunday and holidays)

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