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Maximize ROI on advertising costs


    Making full use of the cross-media marketing, we will continue to maximize the return on investment by combining multiple media to suit the target customers needs.


  • Platform development support to give full play to the ability to attract customers by using the Facebook fan page.
  • Program broadcast on YouTube: archives as well as program planning and construction, studio and talents events are becoming available to a large audience.
  • Operating a twitter account has become now an indispensable marketing tool to communicate information in real time, in an effective way, and to create buzz.

Services Contents

Services Contents

SNS Evaluation, Analysis Support
SNS Planning Support
SNS Design Support
SNS Development support
SNS User Test Support
SNS Operational Design Support
SNS Investigation Report
Proposal after Interview and Scope definition
Implementation period
Proposal after Interview and Scope definition
Facebook Page Design
Shopping Site Design
Smartphone App Design
Web & CMS Design
Video Production
stream Delivery Services
Investigation Report

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