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Digital Signage



Total support for digitalsignage, from research to operation


    Digitalsignage is a system that displays informations connecting the network everywhere such as storefronts, public spaces, and transportation areas. Advertisement/contents3 market is growing of developing of displays and spreading of digital network and LAN.


    In 2012, advertising expences of digitalsignage in JR trains exceeded that of hanging poster. Moreover, trains which is introduced from 2015 do not have hanging posters. Digital is drastically taking the place of analog. It is expected that digitalsignage market will have 250billion in 2020 when Tokyo olympic is hold.

compatible product

    We will widely provide such as slide shows to introduce recipes at grocery stores, real estates at house agent shopfronts, and products at any shopfronts. Also, we can deal with any sizes of video equipment from 7inch to 100inch.

Services Contents

Services Contents

Introduction support
Introduction optimization
continuous improvement
Proposal after Interview and Scope definition
Implementation period
Presentation after Interview and Scope definition
Electronic Catalog Design

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