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1. Philosophy

Axis International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has a corporate philosophy of “make people happy with IT” and work on business activities to realize a rich society by providing products and services related to information technology. When providing products and services related to information technology, our company handles a large amount of personal information, including customers, and conducts business. Therefore, we recognize that once an accident such as a leak of personal information occurs, we may cause a serious situation that may shake the business foundation. Proper use and protection of personal information is the foundation of our business, and employees and everyone else involved in our company must recognize the importance of protecting personal information and strive to maintain and manage it. We declare that we will establish a management system on personal information protection and work on protection of personal information.

2. Policy

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations and other norms regarding personal information such as clients and business partners who handle products and services related to our business, and take account of international trends and voluntarily Rules and systems, and declare that they will be implemented and maintained to contribute to the advocacy of stakeholders. As a company trusted by customers, in providing products and services, we aim to earn the trust of customers and contribute to business development by appropriately managing personal information and preventing incidents. will do. We will work on a personal information protection management system based on the policy set out below.

(1) Complying with related legal requirements and other requirements (contracts, agreements, etc.).
(2) Complying with applicable requirements related to the management system.
(3) Establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and continuously improving a management system to improve performance.
(4) Assessing the impact of our business activities on risks and opportunities, and set goals for important items to the extent that is technically and economically possible.
(5) Disseminating the importance of all employees and related personnel and continuously carry out education and awareness raising activities.
(6) The policy will be communicated in writing to all employees and will be disclosed outside the company.
(7) Acting as a company-wide activity, recognizing the necessity to promote activities with priority, especially for the following items, in all phases of our business activities.
1) In order to obtain information, it is in principle to obtain consent from the person who has personal information.
2) We do not acquire personal information by an unauthorized method.
3) The Company clearly defines the purpose of use to the extent necessary for business operation and appropriately acquires, uses and provides personal information. Within the scope of the purpose of collection, only the person in charge will use the acquired personal information only when it is necessary for business, and will take measures not to use it outside the purpose.
4) We will keep personal information accurate and up-to-date, and strive to prevent, correct or prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.
5) We will respond promptly and in good faith to inquiries, complaints, disclosures, etc. regarding personal information from clients.
6) We handle personal information within the scope of the purpose of use specified to the requester. In addition, we never disclose or provide personal information provided by the requester to a third party, without the case we have a requester's consent or rightfulness.
7) We never remove the contents of consultations and requests other than the requester or the adviser. 8) As a rule, we will only contact the designated contacts.
9) Responsible for storage management and disposal of forms and records received upon consultation and request.

3. Scope of application

  • Business Application Development
  • Building of Network & Security Systems
  • Selling of Network & Security Products
  • Data Delivery Service

4.About Personal Information Handling

Personal Information Use Objectives

We hereby declare that our company will make a use of personal information restricted in the hereafter described perimeter in conformity with the personal information protection act, article 18, paragraph 1 and with JIS Q 15001:2017.

(Customer Information)

1) Inquiries regarding products, products delivery and products development in the following activities:
2) Information sending regarding products, services and events in the following activities:
3) Customer information:

  • Personal information deposited from customers for outsourcing
  • Mail delivery agency work

(Employee Information)

1) Human resource management (including personnel evaluation, placement (temporary transfer, employment transfer), training and recruitment)
2) Wages management (including salary and lump sum decisions, severance pay)
3) Health management (including health diagnosis and guidance)
4) Welfare management (including asset-building savings and our company discounted placement)
5) Security management (including crime and disaster prevention, and labor health and safety)
6) Business management (including business contacts, various reporting, groupware)
 Moreover, if it happens that we need to make a use of collected data for a purpose beyond the explicit and published ones, we will obtain first the agreement of the personal information holder to this effect.

Personal Information Provision

Our company does not disclose or provide personal information in our care to a third party except in the following cases:

1) Consent of the personal information holder obtained
2) Request based on laws and regulations
3) Needed for human safety or protection of health and property while the personal information holder's consent would be difficult to get
4) Needed to achieve the use purpose within the defined scope, if personal information handling has been entrusted to our company
5) Merger, company split, business transfer for other reasons.

Personal Information Disclosure

Please contact us if you have any request or complaint concerning personal information subject to disclosure (in the perimeter of published "personal information use purpose")

1) Request of use purpose notifications
2) Disclosure request
3) Content correction request
4) Add or delete request
5) Request to stop making use of personal information
6) Request of deletions and stoppage of provision to a third party

Revised on Aug. 1st. 2019
Axis International Corp. President and Representative Director Nakatani Hiromi

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding our privacy policy

Axis International Complaint handling
Privacy protection officer: Nakatani Hiromi / Person in charge: Yuuki Noguchi
TEL:03-6274-6231 E-Mailprivacy@axis-ing.com
(Reception 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 *except Sunday and holidays)

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