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Conditions of the Business Environment

In the current rapidly-changing environment, practices enabling sustainable strategic planning are particularly sought after.
On the other hand, accounting, procurement and customer management are being the cornerstones of corporate strategy, and that is the reason why quite a few companies are being challenged to improve inefficient business processes.

We develop Business Support Systems

In order to help companies tackle effectively the critical challenges they are facing today, Axis International, instead of intervening indirectly in their business through external consulting, will be advising the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and the persons in charge of the system and then performing the required improvements along with experts in Strategy, Technology, Business and Change Management.
This makes it possible to build cutting-edge technology solutions to fully support the changes that your Business requires.

We put the emphasis on Customers' point of view

When we are building a system at Axis International, we pursue the concept of "The Shape that should be achieved". This means a system which is tailored for your Business objectives and which encompasses your expressed needs and then surpasses them by including hidden current or future needs.

Even if customers would have systems that they do not fully use at the moment, if right at the beginning a scalable and extensible system is being built, even in the case when Staff is growing or Business is expanding rapidly, it would not be required to ship a whole new system to address these changes, allowing a very cost-effective service. In order to realize highly efficient solutions, we have to be able to have insights of what the future Business of our customers will be from the analysis of the Business they do now. And that is without saying that the best method remains by proposing a solution that is not being bound by past results, that is to say we have to start to think from 0 of what the real needs of our customers are and looking from an ideal point of view of what the Business ought to be.

Hiromi Nakatani's career

アクシスインターナショナル代表 中谷公巳 1974 Born in Komatsu, Ishikawa prefecture
1998 Graduated from Rikkyo University, department of litterature.
After graduation, I joined Softbank Group, then MCI Worldcom (current Verizon Enterprise Solutions), then Accenture. Specialized in IT project management, my projects as a manager included System Development and IT due diligence.

From 2007, I established this business consulting company, Axis International (former name was Axis-i) and since then, I am fully dedicated to my new venture.

President and CEO of Axis International Corporation
Representative staff member of Nakatani Hiromi System design office
Member of the US Project Management Institute, Japan Branch. Project Management Science member.
Co-translated "Project Management Tool Box"by Dragan Z. Milosevic (Kashima publication)

1974 Born in Komatsu, Ishikawa prefecture
1998 Graduated from Rikkyo University, department of litterature. Joined Softbank Corp.
1999 Transferred to Softbank Technology
2004 Joined Net One Systems Co., Ltd.
2005 Joined Verizon Enterprise Solutions Japan (former MCI Worldcom)
2006 Joined Accenture Ltd.
2007 Established Axis international Corporation
While I was in college, I met with a schoolmate of mine who was the president of a semi-conductor company. From this encounter, I developed a strong desire to dedicate myself to IT, so that I finally joined Softbank Corp. There, as a member of the IT department, my job involved providing helpdesk support and server management in general.

Then, I worked as a development and operations manager for 7 & Y (previously an E-Commerce group). Partnered with a major convenience store, I supported the business model for books delivered by its nationwide distribution network from the front office. Next, transferred in Softbank Technology Co. Ltd, I experienced all kinds of organization scale as a network engineer, implementing and troobleshooting Cisco Systems. In addition, I worked as an accountant for major integrators to organize the needs of various customers, while performing the team's management. Depending on each project, I had to promote systems introduction.
At this time, I obtained various certification including more than 20 IT technical certifications (* May 2010 or later without qualification update). And I acquired the following certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP), Cisco Systems Engineer Certification Examination (CCIE No.11593, CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, CCSP), Sun Microsystems engineer certification exam (SCSA, SCNA, SCJP), Microsoft Professional (MCP ).
For Net One Systems Co., Ltd., I was involved in information planning and product development for a public company and led projects from planning to implementation for its market development division .
Upon the projects, I was involved in quality management system ISO9001 Auditor, environmental management system ISO14001 Auditor, Information Security Management System ISO27001 and got management system qualification of Auditor, etc.. (* May 2010 or later without qualification update).

In Verizon Japan Co., Ltd. (formerly MCI WorldCom), I served as a technical consultant to propose international server-hosting services. I then stepped in the world of international consulting in high-tech communication. At Accenture, as a network service line manager (in a global team), I was in charge of IT strategy and planning with a focus on information and communication infrastructure.
Through IT due diligence assessment of Mergers & Acquisitions deals, backbone network system improvement plans, etc, I experienced consulting, implementation and the general mechanisms of a company-wide strategy.
Experiencing compliance implementation and system development life cycle processes as an IT service management system ISO20000 Auditor, I got the management system qualification of the ITIL Foundation as well.

And then, after having experienced systems development life cycle in its entirety, I founded Axis International in 2007. In 2009, I founded the Nakatani Hiromi systems design office. Based on the philosophy of "Strategy through achievements", this means that I can rely on all the technical skills I have cultivated so far to deploy Business solutions that take advantage of the strengths and culture of my customers.

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